How to become Famous on Instagram and Gain a Massive Following

Are you wondering what best practices you can follow to get more followers on your Instagram business account?

Nowadays, every business no matter big or small is using Instagram to increase its online presence. Instagram is a dominating social media network that allows brands and businesses to connect with millions of users worldwide.

However, getting famous on Instagram is not that easy. You need to be consistent with your efforts and execute an effective strategy to get thousands of followers on your Instagram account. In this article, we have discussed some common tips and tricks to grow your Instagram following. Let’s begin:
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Create an eye-catching bio

It is rightly said that ‘the first impression is the last impression’. When it comes to describing your brand, you must have various thoughts about it. However, the real challenge lies in explaining your brand objectives and services in just 150 characters. Yes, Instagram bio gives you a limited space to convey about your brand.

An ideal bio states that it should contain the three important words that you would use to describe your brand and its benefits to the customers. Other than that, it is important to give a real human touch to your Instagram bio by including relevant emojis, texts, and a link to your website.

Use hashtags relevantly

Using relevant hashtag plays a prominent role in getting huge impressions and engagements on your Instagram posts and videos. Hashtags increase the reach of your content and assist users to discover your post on Instagram. Using the right hashtags will give you an opportunity to get your content in front of millions of users you haven’t connected before.

For instance, if you have a health and fitness page, use hashtags like #healthtips #fitnessmotivation #healthiswealth, etc.

Instead of going after the most popular hashtags, you can categories your hashtags according to your niche and have an audience that is related to it more. The most efficient way to find the best hashtags is to understand your targeted audience, competitor’s behavior, and business objectives.

Collaborate with influencers

Connecting with influencers can be one of the most beneficial things you can do to grow your Instagram following. Influencers are people that have a solid presence and massive following on Instagram.  By collaborating with popular influencers, you can increase your brand exposure, grow your target audience, and establish trust among your customers.

Influencer marketing in the specialized area of your business can help you interact with a large audience inside and outside of your reach. To find the best influencers in your niche, check their engagement rates, past experience, or a portfolio, and monitor their comments to see if they are real users or not. This is a profitable way to buy 10000 instagram likes and comments on your posts with the help of influencer’s reach.

Optimize your captions

Captions are of huge significance on Instagram as it determines a user’s action on your post. To create appealing captions, you need to be very creative and think out of the box to write something catchy enough.

So while framing your captions, write multiple drafts before finalizing one. Keeps it short and crisp keeping in mind the message you want to deliver to your audience. Add emojis and hashtags wherever suitable to make it more attractive and easy to comprehend. Do not forget to include a CTA in your captions to persuade users to take relevant action.

Add CTA’s smartly

One way to stand out from the crowd on Instagram is to use CTA’s smartly in your Instagram posts. CTA is an important factor to determine what kind of action you want your followers to take through your Instagram photos and captions. A compelling CTA not only convinces users to take relevant action but it also guides them on what to do and how to do it.

There are three significant ways to insert CTA in your Instagram account. Either you can have your contact information in your profile or you can add them while running ads on Instagram. The third way to add CTA is through Instagram stories where users can quickly tap on the required button.

Host a contest

Running a successful contest on Instagram contributes to gaining more followers as well as increases your online presence. To host a contest on Instagram, define your objectives clearly, select your entry method, decide your rewards, and finally launch your contest.

There are many ways to influence your followers and other people to participate in your contest. For instance, you can ask them to like and comment on your posts, tag friends to win rewards, and other similar ideas to generate a large response from your Instagram contest.

Final words

So these are some of the popular ways to build a strong presence on Instagram. Follow the above-mentioned tips consistently to see a noticeable increase in your Instagram followers.

Lana Martinez
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