50 Best Mouse Cursors Schemes For Windows

From Windows XP to Windows Vista to Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and now, Windows 10, lots of things changed in layout or functionalities inside Windows operating system but the most frequently used thing is as it is – The mouse cursor. Unlike other changes and upgrades, the mouse cursor has seen little to no improvements.

Whether we consider the mouse cursor’s pointer arrow, time icon, blinking cursor, hand icon or its animations, all are almost the same. Which start bugging when you start considering them. Most of the Windows users are habitual to this mouse cursor scheme but there are of course new, much advanced and more improved versions of Mouse cursors available for Windows.

So, if you are annoyed by using the same mouse cursor schemes and the preloaded mouse cursor schemes don’t impress you then here I am providing you 50 best mouse cursor schemes for Windows PC and Laptops from Deviantart.

These Windows mouse cursor schemes are super innovative and you can download them for free to use in any of the Windows version. Moreover, you can add multiple mouse cursors to your Windows PC. So, why to wait? Scroll down and browse the best mouse cursors handpicked by us which you’ll definitely love.

1. Wii Cursors v1.0

This cursor set includes 18 hand-crafted (aren’t I punny?) Wii-based cursors for your computer mouse. Three of them are animated. Several variants are included.

2. Rainbow Cursors

This full cursors pack based on the Mac cursors has 15 animated cursors (ANI’s), each of which has 24 frames that are in 24 different colors.

3. Minimalistic cursors

Inspired by that little minimalistic cursor in Max Payne 3 game menu. Recommended to disable cursor shadow for best look.

4. Simplify Cursors

If you love the simple yet modern design, this is a mouse cursor scheme that you should definitely follow. Step by step instructions to install Simplify Cursors in any Windows version is provided in its download page.

5. Homestuck Cursors (v3)

Now it’s V3! Has updated alpha god tiers (including crockertier), Ms. Paint (how did I even forget her the first time), and sprites!  Now includes a bunch of new outfits, pre-scratch trolls, and beams (not pictured). Also a few extras!

6. Mane 6 Cursors

Twilight Sparkle Normal Select Icon, Pinkiepie Normal Select Icon, Applejack Normal Select Icon, Rainbowdash Normal Select Icon, Rarity Normal Select Icon, Fluttershy Normal Select Icon. You’ll love these mouse cursors pack.

7. Metro X1 Animated Cursors Set

If you love Metro Style, Flat design scheme then Metro X1 Animated cursors set is definitely the mouse cursor set which will match your taste. Check out its cursors and if you love them, don’t hesitate to install this animated mouse cursor scheme.


8. Transparency Cursors 2

The cursor ser for those who love minimal design. Beautiful, Mac like, and modern mouse cursors set.

9. Metro X3 Cursors (Update Two)

For those looking for more colors in Metro layout, Metro X3 is one of the best mouse cursor I recommend for Windows PC.

10. Android Material Cursors (Blue)

‘Materialize’ your windows desktop! Grab this free cursor set to add a dash of Material Design to your computer interface. These cursors are inspired by Android’s material design text selection cursors, LG’s WebOS pink cursor, some Google’s App elements (like the pull to refresh and scroll buttons) and etc.

11. Updated ElCapitan cursors

The best port of El Capitan Cursors for Windows. For MAC lovers on Windows, who love MAC OS El Captian, the design looks really promising.

12. Zune’d Animated Cursors Set

A Zune themed animated cursor set! Try and let us know how much you like this mouse cursor set.

13. Obsidian Cursor set

Obsidian Cursors is a shiny and clean cursor set created in Inkscape based upon the Polar Cursor Theme. The black shiny look appears so appealing.

14. Cursor Mini Mouse II

This are cute, pink, minni mice mouse cursors icon set available for both Windows and MAC. Check it out and apply instantly if you like them.

15. mL-Blau Cursor (Smaller Version)

Another black cursors, compatible with XP, Vista, 7 & Windows 8 with easy to install .INF file. With special instructions, you can even put them in Windows 10 too. Check out this stunning mouse cursor set for Windows.

16. Comix Cursors Blue

Love comic icons? Animated and cartoonistic design is the speciality of this Comix Cursors Blue mouse cursors set. To get a little funky look, you should definitely consider adding these mouse cursors to your Windows.

17. Neko Kaito Cursor

If you love Neko Kaito, you can’t resist using this mouse cursor set for at least ones. The mouse cursor (available for Windows) has every cursor scheme build with best Nejo Kaito expressions and poses. If you don’t like it OTL.

18. PIXEL GIRL Cursor Set

This cute cursor set is popular among girls. If you find it cute then don’t think twice and install PIXEL GIRL cursor set just now.

19. WoW Cursors

If you love World of Warcraft game then this mouse cursor will allow you to stay in touch with WoW even if you are doing any other task in your PC. So, want it?

20. Polar Cursor Set for Windows

Its design says it all. So appealing and so clean. Definitely, a hard to resist cursor scheme available online.


A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April, 2009, is this young man’s birthday. Though it was thirteen years ago he was given life, it is only today he will be given a name! What will the name of this young man be? Homestuck. The mouse cursor is inspired by Homestuck design by MS Paint Adventures.

22. macOS Sierra Retina cursors

The world’s best macOS Sierra pointers port for 150% and 175% Windows DPI. A lot of hard work to do them in high quality — some pointers have been adapted especially for limited format of Windows.

23. Neon Rainbow Cursors Set 01

There are a total of 113 cursors in this set, 14 cursors per color set and a busy cursor to be used with all colors. Each cursor set contains the following statuses: Normal Select, Help Select, Working In Background, Precision Select, Text Select, Handwriting, Unavailable, Vertical Resize, Horizontal Resize, Diagonal Resize 1, Diagonal Resize 2, Move, Alternate Select and Link Select.

24. Comix Cursors Black and Red

If you liked the Comix Cursors mouse cursor scheme above but its colors didn’t impress you then this Black & Red color version of Comix Cursors will really giver you goosebumps.

25. Whack and Blite cursor set

I usually gravitate towards small, crisp cursors, but Whack and Blite cursor set by ~Bouzounours are so beautifully designed and well-shaded that they manage to be sleek and appealing in their own uniquely oversized way. If you’re looking for a new take on the classic b&w theme, these are the cursors for you.

26. Shvag- simple, static cursors

Do you Like short cursors which will appear so modern and high tech that they will elevate the standard of your PC? Well then try this Shavg mouse cursor whose seamless design will make you want to set it in PC for forever.


27. Comix Cursors Orange

Here is another color scheme for cute Comix cursors mentioned above. Hope you’ll like them. Instructions to set them are provided on the download page.

28. Comix white

The original Comix Cursors by Jens Luetkens [jlue]. X11 mouse theme with a comics feeling. 4 different sizes (small, regular, large and huge). 2 different weights (slim and normal).

29. SP: Kyle Cursor Set

This is Kyle Broflovski from South Park and the base image is :iconemixoo:‘s icon (as you can tell from her icon). Hope you enjoy it.

30. League of Legends Cursor Set

This is one taken from League of Legends and for the game’s fan, this is the best League of Legends cursor set available. Hope you’ll like it.

31. Cut the Rope Cursors, ver.1

This “Cut the Roper” mouse cursor is unique in its own. It has so many unique icons and graphics which will make you love them.

32. Hello_Cursor

Do you love cute hello kitty? Well then, this mouse cursor set will let you feel your dearest hello kitty love all the time.

33. ml.blau.3

Free black cursor set with blue busy wheels for Windows.  This set is designed for super high-resolution displays: 100 % dpi; 150 % dpi and 200 % dpi. Enjoy adding these mouse cursors to your Windows.

34. Remilia Mouse Cursor

Love 8-bit graphics? Then enjoy this 8-bit mouse cursor scheme.

35. Shou Mouse Cursor

This is another very cute 8-bit classic mouse cursor set. It’s all about personal preference, otherwise both of the mouse cursors are amazing.

36. Metro X2 Animated Cursor Set

Metro X2 is another simplistic mouse cursor design which is available in pure black in this version of mouse cursor scheme. Check it out, it might suit your PC theme better.

37. Portal Themed Cursor Set

Change your mouse into a Portal gun crosshair with this portal themed cursor set. It’s worth trying and a lot of fun too.

38. Molecule Cursor

Mini size cursor (thus, the name Molecule) for Windows. Small and cute yet usable.

39. Krakin Cursor XP

Mostly Cinema 4d however Photoshop was used religiously for animation and to perfect as much as possible. Try this mouse cursor to enjoy amazing animation and effects.

40. Ciel+Sebastian Animated Cursor

Love the way ciel follows sebastian? Well, with this cursor set, you can enjoy watching them doing this all the time.

41. maftie’s Emoticon Cursor Pack

With lots of interesting animation, yet simple design, maftie’s emoticon cursor pack is here. Watch it live on his download page and enjoying installing it in your PC.

42. MoonShine_v2

MoonShine v2 is good mouse cursor scheme for those who love simple mouse cursors instead of those with lots of graphics and colors. It has simple animation just to increase your productivity.

43. Android Material Cursors (Teal)

It is the same android-inspired mouse cursor but with a different color scheme. Above one was blue this one is teal, so it all comes to your personal preference as to what you adopt

44. Token Cursor

Check out the graphic and structure of the mouse cursor below. Liked it? Well then why are you still waiting, go the the download page and download this mouse cursor for your Windows for free.

45. GTCC – Cursors for Windows

Neat and clean cursor icons for professionals.

46. Cursor Sans Family v1.5.1

Cursor Sans Family is 3 Cursor Sets in one! Cursor Sans, Cursor Sans Bold and Cursor Sans Light. Each comes with 4 accent colors to choose from! Blue, Orange, Purple and Red.

47. DIM v3.1 | InfraRed

With very smooth animation, DIM v3.1 is one of the finest mouse cursor available. Try it and let us know how much you like it.

48. Mac OS X Animated Cursor Pack

Ported from the Mac OS X Leopard, this colourful animated cursor set will bring flair to any desktop!

49. DIM v3.1 | NitroGreen

DIM NitroGreen cursor provides you alien green cursor set which will skyrocket your extraterrestrial fantasy.

50. kCursors

Appealing cursor icons. These are all 32×32 Windows XP (RGB+Alpha) compatible, so you don’t need to install any software. They already contain these great shadows and alpha channels. So you have to turn the Windows-Shadow off.

51. Soul Eater Cursor Set

It’s based on the anime, Soul Eater, and look at all those resize arrows!. It contains set of Maka, Soul, Kidd, and Black Star (sorry Liz Patty, Tsubaki, etc fans)

52. Windows Live Cursors 1.0

Basic Windows cursor set with more colors. And, by “more colors” I mean “more blue”.

So, these are our handpicked best 50 mouse cursors for Windows. To install any of them, go to there Download page and download the cursor’s ZIP file. The instructions must be provided to install the desired Mouse Cursor in Windows. Follow them and by following those 2-3 simple steps, you’ll be able to get your desired mouse cursor up and running in your PC.

Don’t forget to comment which of these mouse cursors you liked the most. Thanks 🙂

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